On Magic Eden we have two kinds of auctions:

  • Collection item auction: This is a new feature for collectors, traders and degens to auction off any NFT of theirs that belongs to a collection listed on Magic Eden. More info here.

  • Curated auctions: These are usually initiated by creators, and featured as a separate page on Magic Eden as you can see here https://magiceden.io/auctions and below. (More info on this page.)

How do I apply to be featured on curated auctions?

Please fill out this form to apply for auctions:

What can I expect after applying?

Due to the current volume of auction applications, the team cannot guarantee a response to all applications. If we decide to move forward with your application, we will contact you!

What does Magic Eden need from me for my auction?

We need the assets (images or videos) for the NFT, plus a .JSON file with all relevant info. A template for .JSON files can be found here.

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