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How do I sell an NFT?
How do I sell an NFT?
Listing and selling an NFT on Magic Eden's marketplace
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Listing and selling NFTs on Magic Eden's marketplace has never been easier. This article will guide you through the steps to list and sell Solana and Polygon NFTs on our platform.

Accessing “My Items”

To list or sell NFTs, go to the "My Items" section on your profile. You can access this menu by clicking on your wallet address on the top right of the screen after signing in.

You will see a list of all the NFTs you own, sorted by collection. Select the collection containing the NFTs you wish to sell.

Bulk Listing:

On Solana, you can sell multiple NFTs in one transaction. To do this, click on the label tag under the NFTs you want to sell.

A bulk list menu will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. You can choose to set a global price for all NFTs or price each NFT individually. You will also see other transaction details such as fees paid or royalty percentage.

Item Details Page:

If you prefer to list your NFT through the item details page, click the "Details" button on the particular NFT you want to sell.

Here you will find more information about the NFT you are listing. You can set the listing price on this screen and click the "List Now" button to complete the process.

Instant Sell:

You can also sell your NFTs instantly if a buyer has put a collection offer on an NFT you own. The highest offer will be displayed when selling your NFT via instant sell.

Go to the collection page for the NFT you wish to sell. There will be a large button before the first NFT displayed which says "Instant sell for".

You will be able to choose the NFT you wish to instantly sell. Click the checkbox next to the NFT, and it will display as a tick. Click the "Accept offer" button to go to the transaction and finalize the sale.

Listing and Selling on Polygon:

On Polygon, the listing and selling flow is the same. The key difference at present is that you cannot bulk list NFTs on Magic Eden Polygon. You will sell your Polygon NFTs through the "Item Details" Page, described above.

When selling a Polygon NFT, you have the option of listing in MATIC, USDC, or WETH. On the Item Details page, you will see a drop-down menu next to the listing price. This is where you can confirm this option.

Here is a video which teaches you how to sell an NFT on Magic Eden!

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